Helping people overcome food allergy: pioneering treatments based on our leading research


Peanut allergy: the highest priority

Peanut allergy is highly prevalent. It affects 1.4 to 3% of children and at least 0.5% of adults in high-income countries – around 6 million in Europe and the US.

Peanut allergy is a severe disease. It is the most common cause of severe and fatal allergic reactions related to food. The constant fear of anaphylaxis reduces quality of life. There is no licensed treatment.


Unprecedented clinical results

The team behind Camallergy showed strong, clinically relevant results in children, published in The Lancet. 84 and 91% in the phase 2 study were able to tolerate peanuts after oral immunotherapy, with further increasing levels of tolerance over time. There was 0% improvement in the control group.

The Cambridge Peanut Allergy Clinic is replicating results in a real world clinical service, and transforming patients’ lives.

Camallergy is now preparing for phase 3 studies to confirm these results in children and extend them to include adults.