Clinical trials

Camallergy is preparing its lead product, CA002 for the treatment of peanut allergy, for the final stages of clinical development to support regulatory approval in the US and Europe

CA002 is a biological drug, an investigational medicinal product employing whole peanut protein oral immunotherapy. CA002 targets best-in-class safety and efficacy by following a patient-centric treatment protocol.

Our approach builds on a century of knowledge and experience with immunotherapy and our own extensive record in clinical practice and research.

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The CA002 formulation and advanced dosing protocol prioritise safety and efficacy as well as convenience for families and physicians. The specially-designed, pull-apart capsules are easy to use and formulated to ensure consistent delivery of characterised peanut proteins. CA002’s low-burden treatment protocol is family-friendly and efficient for physicians.

The short, first-day appointment requires only a single treatment dose, avoiding the long, stressful and unpredictable first day of traditional ‘rush’ up-dosing therapies. This is typically followed by only six further brief visits to the allergy office. The treatment is designed for low burden to the patient and physician. It aims to provide initial protection within four months, after which maintenance treatment targets lasting protection.

Immunotherapy is a treatment for allergy that increases tolerance and reduces reactions to an allergy trigger, such as peanut. Oral immunotherapy is taken by mouth, rather than by injection, and is the most promising method for food allergy based on current research.

CA002 patented regimen aims to achieve meaningful protection after 4 months

CA002 patented regimen aims to achieve meaningful protection after 4 months

Development programme


A proof of concept study of 22 children aged 4 to 17 years in the UK showed good tolerance of peanut OIT


Phase 2 study of 99 children aged 7 to 16 years, demonstrating safety and efficacy of oral immunotherapy to treat peanut allergy, subject to confirmation in phase 3

STOP3 (not yet enrolling)

STOP3 phase 3 registration trial to confirm the efficacy and safety of CA002 in treating peanut allergy in patients aged 4 years and older

Camallergy’s treatments are investigational and not yet approved by regulatory agencies.